Monteverde and Arenal in Costarica, San Juan, Ometepe island and Granada in Nicaragua

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have time to translate from Italian the last post until now.
From Monteverde in Costa Rica, Aparicio went to Nicaragua, meanwhile I went to La Fortuna, a village near a lake dominated by the volcano Arenal.
There I went hiking on the volcano, walked into the dark forest in search of the typical Costa Rican frog (after photos) and swam in a hot river at night in the middle of a forest lit only from time to time by our torches, which created a disco effect. Meanwhile the guide prepared cocktails. In the water vapor, appeared and disappeared Scandinavian girls bathing joyful, as wood nymphs, and I assure you that I hadn’t licked the Costa Rican frog (again, after photos).
A couple of days after I did the rafting, of which I can now call myself a veteran with experiences in the Himalayas Nepal and Uganda, in the heart of Africa. This rafting in Nicaragua was not very difficult, although at one point a couple of guys on our boat fell, but the scenery was spectacular with a wild forest that descended to the river winding overhang.
So I completed a sort of circle, returning to San Jose where I met again Eva and togheter we went to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua where there was Aparicio. Along the way a German guy joined us and we went to the magical island of Ometepe, in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, with two volcanoes, one active. After, Aparicio returned to Brazil, I and Eve went to Granada, and the German guy vanished into thin air. No, I haven’t sacrificed him into the volcano of Ometepe to get the help from Gods before the football game Italy-Germany. These are just rumors.
Now I’m in Antigua, Guatemala, but I will tell about my last week next time.


The Arenal volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.


The most typical of Costarican frogs.


We found it thanks to the guide, wenting down from the volcano when it was already dark, following its croaking.


My little frog, give me just a kiss… after I’ll see you as a princess!


The view of the lake from the Arenal volcano.


The rafting in Costa Rica, on a stretch of about 10 km of the river Balsa. Pretty simple compared to that for example in Uganda (fotostory here).Or maybe it didn’t seem that difficult to me because by now going down the rapids it’s like walking on an English park on a warm summer evening.




In Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur.


We arrived in San Juan del Sur on June 24, just in time for the feast of the patron saint of the city, and also mine, the good St. John. A very alcoholic celebration, occasionally I don’t disdain to become a Christian. Though, as you see, someone went too far. That’s not the way to celebrate my saint, I’ll send an official protest to the Vatican, as well as pointing out that it would be time to catch up with the times and rename it the feast of St. Dekaro. Martyr, I might add.


Football on the beach of San Juan del Sur.


This gentleman was particular. After the photo he asked me the friendship on facebook, email etc … He said works on Interpol and was in the revolution. Although it seems to me more as a Contra.


Unbelievable this monkey spoked: “Dekà what are you doing down there, come back on the trees!” Eheheh, fun, but from now on I will not accept these ironies on my own blog.


Welcome to Ometepe. Fun assured.


On the bus.


In the bus mirror.


On the island of Ometepe. In the background, one volcano.


The spectacular view of volcano Conception, from the other volcano, Madras, reached by horse riding.


The volcano Conception.


“Italia desnuda a Alenania y va a la final”. Throughout all the world the ridiculousness of the Germans is equal only to the glory of Italy.


Market in Granada.


The active Masaya volcano.


Mirror, Masaya coash station.

San Jose, Montezuma, Playa Santa Teresa and Monteverde in Costa Rica

Hello faithful friends! I am still in Costa Rica, where, taking advantage of the fact that there isn’t the army, I have officially taken possession! Yes, and his new name is: Dekarolandia. It finally arose.
Ok, bullshit aside (for as much as I can) I’ll tell you of the last week. From San Jose, where there wasn’t much to see, I reached Aparicio in Playa Montezuma, a small village on the south tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, again on the Pacific side, which, as you know, is anything but peaceful, and in fact its beaches are particularly popular with surfers.
Then we moved to another village nearby: Playa Santa Teresa. Not much to tell, beaches, sea, leisure, in short “pura vida” (pure life) as they say here.
There were monkeys, sometimes, on the trees screaming roars like lions, and dropping on our heads chewed fruit.
From the coast we went inland, in Monteverde, a small town about 1500 meters above sea level, surrounded by forests full of birds of various species and the cloud forest.
Today I arrived in La Fortuna, near the volcano Arenal that I will visit tomorrow, meanwhile Aparicio went already in Nicaragua.
But stop talking, let the pictures speak.


A beach of Puerto Viejo, on the Atlantic side in Costa Rica.


A motorcyclist in Purto Viejo. But we all know who he really is.


Purple plant.




A friend of William Burroughs, met over the pulsar, during a recent interstellar travel.


Costa Rica has an extraordinary variety of plants and animals.


The typical sloth of Costa Rica. Very lazy, perpetually resting on a tree trunk.


In San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.


San Jose at night in the rain.


Montezuma was full of these red and black crabs with purple claws.


Surfers between Mal Pais and Playa Santa Teresa.


Fish killed.


Almost at sunset, Santa Teresa.




Colors at sunset.


Aparicio and Indica. This type of dog always reminds me the phrase of the Full Metal Jacket sergeant: “You’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!”


Aparicio now definitely in love with Indica. Soon the wedding.


The usual toad.


Interior of a trunk in Monteverde.


A hummingbird.


Another hummingbird.


Pura vida! :-)